Simplified WordPress Hosting

Get your site up and running fast then never have to worry about hosting issues ever again.


WordPress Set-up or Development

No matter what problems your having or changes you want I’ll help with whatever you need.


Split Testing & Web Data Analyitics

Optimize conversions by running split tests and reporting it to your web analytics package.

Your site could be driving more leads, downloads and sales. Contact Me and we’ll chat about what I can do to help.

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    Self-Hosted CDN for WordPress

    Use your existing hosting and W3 Total Cache to create a self-hosted CDN to server your static content from.

  • floating-social-share-buttons-in-responsive-design-2

    Floating Social Media Buttons

    Learn how to make your floating social media buttons work in responsive web design.

  • facebook-best-time-to-post

    Best Time to Post to Facebook

    Do you know what the best time to post to Facebook in your industry is? You might be surprised that there’s a best day and time for every industry.

Using Git in a WordPress Development Workflow

There’s a number of different ways you could use Git in your WordPress development workflow. That’s one of the beautiful things about Git – it works well with almost any workflow including different types of WordPress development flows. You might be …