WordPress is the most popular, open-source, Content Management System on the market ever. There’s almost 60 million sites on their WordPress.com platform and many more are self-hosted. Doing some WordPress training online will give you the edge when it comes to running a business and publishing online.


Build your Site

Decide on your choice of theme and/or work with me to build a custom one.


Add your Content

Begin posting your site content and start driving traffic to the site.


Capture your Leads

Encourage readers to contact you, sign-up to your mail list or buy from you.

I offer a 1-on-1 training course for individual users at very affordable rates and group training sessions for up to 6 people. Rates vary depending on what you want to learn but the standard rate of $20 an hour is enough for the average website owner.

Included in the cost of the session is a direct email address and a phone number for you to contact me on if you’re need of additional help plus access to a fresh test site on my development server for you to make use of – both before & after the training.

The hour is a full 60 minutes plus any additional time before hand to get to know you and what you need as well as direct contact with me whenever you need it.

If you want me to get in touch with you to discus the kind of training you want then just drop me a message using the quick contact form on this page and I’ll email you back ASAP with some info.

Learn WordPress Fast

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WordPress Training Online

My 1 on 1 WordPress training covers all topics from installation through to customization, coding, performance optimizations – and everything in between. To save time we will focus on the things you and your business need to know in order for you to succeed.

What you need to learn and what you want to learn is the complete focus – you drive the session with your questions.

WordPress Training

I offer a group based training session for between 2 and 6 people at rates starting from $25 per hour. The WordPress group training sessions cover the same topics as the 1-on-1 training and is driven by your questions and needs.

If your company has a few people who will maintain the website then it’s best if they all know how to do it properly.

Content Sites or
E-Commerce Sites

During the sessions we could work on either content sites or e-commerce sites. For the sake of ease let’s define a content site as a site containing articles, pictures or videos relating to your company or subject and define e-commerce sites as an online store.

It’s important to define which you’ll be working with before the training as it will make a big difference in the direction taken.

Purpose of the WordPress Test Site

As a bonus I am including a FREE WordPress installation after the training for you to use whenever you are starting work on your own site as I have found that people shy away from the installation.

You can test, practice and break things on the provided test site without worry of loosing or destroying your own site. If your interested in the installation process then let me know, I will show you how to install WordPress on your own server FREE outwith the cost of the training as well as the FREE WordPress installation offered after the training.

WordPress Statistics and Facts

The self hosted version of the popular open-source WordPress CMS has been downloaded many, many times. The latest major version (WordPress v3) has been downloaded by over 60 million people worldwide – according to the WordPress.org homepage. Acording to W3Tech 70.7% of sites do not use a CMS, like WordPress or Joomla, but from the remaining 29.3% of sites that do use a CMS a little over 50% of those people use WordPress. It’s astonishing that more than 15% of the internet uses WordPress to develop their websites but it’s with good reason. WordPress is highly customizable, via themes and plugins, and the code contains lots of hooks and filters for developers to use to make your site stand out from the crowd.

With more than 1-in-10 sites using WordPress chances are that you have seen sites running on it and not even noticed!

Over 20% of the top million sites in the world use WordPress according to Alexa. More than 200,000 of the top 1,000,000 sites! Some very big names use WordPress to power their websites. A few of those big names include Sony Playstation, Adobe, William Shatner, LA Times, Paris Hillton and even the Rolling Stones all use the WordPress CMS for their sites or sub-sites.