Will was a godsend for Stark Bellamy Photography! Between his WordPress knowledge and SEO skills we were in good hands. Not only did he help us build a beautiful website and then have that site climb high in search, but he also taught us volumes about SEO. He taught us how to style our blog, create content and drive traffic to our site so we could build for the future. We would be nowhere near where we are now without Mr. Patton.
Eric Bellamy – StarkBellamy.com

Stark Bellamy Wedding Photographers

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Ricky Thomas is an Actor based out of NYC

Will helped me reach the next step in learning web development. He answered all of my questions I couldn’t find answers for anywhere else. Now I can run my website exactly the way I had imagined it. His services were quick and painless. I am very happy to recommend him to any of my friends.
Ricky Thomas – RickyThomas.net