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Split Testing & Web Data Analyitics

Optimize conversions by running split tests and reporting it to your web analytics package.

Removal of the Trusted Authors Program

As of August 13th 2019 we closed the Trusted Authors Program. With the program we intended to solve some problems faced by the Theme Review Team and by Theme Authors that release themes through the Theme Directory. Ultimately …

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Using WordPress Post Formats

Theme Developers can use WordPress Post Formats to provide special handling for certain types of post content. It makes it easy for developers to handle the different types and provides an easy menu for users to select which type they …

WordPress Theme Minimum PHP Support Check

WordPress has recently bumped the minimum recommended PHP version from 5.2 up to 5.6, solidified by this commit accepting failures for older php version in the automated test suite. Themes for the directory are required to work (or gracefully …