Push your WordPress site to it’s limit!

There’s a massive amount of things you could do to speed up your WordPress site. You don’t always need to disable plugins or upgrade your hosting (although those could seriously improve your load speed) to improve the performance of your pages. Chances are there are lots of other ways of optimizing your content – and some of them even work automatically in the background!


There’s plenty of potential performance issues to tackle on the frontend of your site.

From inefficient CSS selectors and render-blocking resources to badly optimized images and wasted data transfer. There’s probably more issues like this creeping around your site than you can count.

Fix Frontend Performance Issues On My WordPress Site


The backend of your WordPress install is the heart of your site. If it’s not in tip-top shape then your not going to be able to get the most out of the resources you have.

Slimming down the amount of processing you site has to do every time pages are created as well as adding multiple levels of caching will go a massive way towards reducing the amount of work needed to run your site.

Help Optimize My Server and Backend Performance Issues

Plugin & Caching Configuration, Database Clean-up and Image Optimization

Let me take a look at the configuration of your plugins and enable/optimize how you are caching your site. I’ll clear out all of the clutter from your database and tidy it up so that it’s quicker to read and access plus optimize all of the media you have on your site.

Just making sure that you have your site set-up correctly can make a huge difference to how it performs but it’s not always easy to know what the right settings are.

Let me get it up and running so that you can set-it-and-forget-it. It’ll all run in the background optimizing your site for you with zero input required on your part.

Upgrade/Optimize Hosting Environment and Build/Configure Your CDN

Are you sure your taking full advantage of your current host? If your not let me show you how.

If you are taking advantage of what your host offers and still hitting performance bottlenecks then it’s probably time to make some adjustments to ease the burden on your host.

You could add a premium CDN to your site (or let me build you your own self-hosted CDN).

You might not know the difference between Cloud Hosting or a VPS or why the type of disk drives and the way the server gets access to them matters – that’s OK.

Let me take the headache out of figuring out which host is right for you, get you set-up on it, configure it for maximum performance and make sure everything is running smoothly for you.

So you want to be totally Ninja Optimized?

A fully optimized database hosted on best-of-breed providers with access to a premium CDN, underlying codebase tweaks and improvements & real-time end-user performance monitoring. All with world-class support, daily backups & security scans all with the promise that if your site is ever hacked it will get cleaned up for you at no additional cost?

Oh and a staging area, A Git-powered revision and deployment system and custom built caching technology that will blow your mind – stored on super-fast SSDs and run on top-end bare metal hardware with practically your whole site sitting in RAM, ready to serve instantly, without having to compile or even hit the disk?

Is that all? Why didn’t you just say so?

It sounds too good to be true but trust me it’s not. You can get your site running as fast (or even faster!) than some of the biggest sites in the world. Just check my homepage PageSpeed score compared to say Facebook’s Score and you’ll see it is possible.


Moving up from ordinary shared hosting is always a good move for performance. If your ready to make the move to a VPS, or Dedicated Server then I’ll set it up and configure it for you. One of he main reasons to upgrade is so you can have ssh/root access.

When you have ssh/root access to a server there are plenty of things you can do to tweak the performance of the software running on your server and make better use of the resources available to you.

Already got ssh/root access?
If your lucky enough to already be hosting on something with ssh/root access then there’s probably a lot of optimizations I can make on the server for you that will speed up your site and make it conform to many of the best-practice performance rules without you needing to make any changes to your site’s codebase.

To go along with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool for testing your site performance they have also released an apache module (now available for NGIX too) which allows you to tell server to optimize and cache a lot of your resources on-the-fly. This, along with an opcode cache, is one of the best ways to automatically optimize your content.

What about a CDN?

Using a CDN is one of the best ways to speed up your site and make it more reliable. If you want a serious perfomance boost then you should try a premium CDN but even if you don’t want to pay for a premium service you could still create a self-hosted CDN and get many of the same benefits. If you want to know the benefits of using a CDN and the difference between premium and self-hosted check out this post on creating a self-host CDN.

Why not check your PageSpeed score against Google’s best-practice performance rules now?

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Object Caching


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