Build the path to goal completion and encourage others to walk along it

written by William Patton on December 4, 2012 in Blogging with no comments

Publishers, writers and content marketers all want to do one thing. Get what they have to offer in front of someone who’s interested in it – and then have them engage with the content and ultimately take action upon it. That last action is a goal for that content and it can vary massively. One of the most common, and often overlooked, goals is for a user to simply choose to continue viewing your site and click on the next article, view a larger version of a picture, look through any related content or even just click on your homepage. Website Goals are a massive topic which I will be covering that much more in later posts but the question still remains about what is the path that leads to the completion of goals?

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Personal Goals lead to Website goals in the long run

Today is not about website goals – it’s about personal goals. If we could assign goals to ourselves the same way we do in Google Analytics then I’m pretty sure a few of those would be these:

    • Learn new things
    • Connect with more people
    • Earn more money
    • Become more appealing to the opposite sex

    That’s a list of things that most people want on a daily basis for either business or personal reasons – it’s a goal set. From a content marketing (and author’s) perspective today could be about you and your authority as an industry expert. You need to be known and the information you provide ideally gets shared (which would likely be a website goal) – increasing your authority. Completing personal goals 1 and 2 from above are both combined into today’s 10 minute “What to do right now?” tip. And completing goals 1 and 2 might be the starting steps to point 3 – earning more money and that might actually lead onto point 4 lol.

    Encouraging others to help complete your goals

    So what could you do for the next 7-10 minutes to help build your brand in the long run in fill in that small part of the picture that is today? Well once again that list of things is massive but my idea is to give you one little thing that you can do right now, and then repeat, to indirectly improve your brand awareness, promote your website and promote yourself as a writer all at once – it’s about giving to recieve. For today’s tip all you need is a browser and a twitter account.

    What to do right now?

    Right now you need to search Google for something that you know a litte.bit about but you could do with learning some more about. Make sure the article you find is on one of the larger blogging networks – one with dozens of writers and a bundle of guest bloggers – and it’s related to a topic you might want to write in the future. Read the article and take in the information. Now you’ve been helped out by reading up on something you needed to improve upon so now it’s your turn to do the helping. Go to your twitter account and share the article mentioning the #site using a hashtag but thank the author directly via their twitter @username. Now send another tweet to the author again directly thanking them for a specific section of the article or ask them a follow up question proving you read and enjoyed the content. That’s your 10 minutes filled and the next step is to hope for a reply back – if that happens try to strike up a conversation.

    How to use the influence of others to help you

    So you just spent less than 10 minutes finding another content producer who is related to your industry – probably more influential in it than you – and gave them a compliment, shared their link and prometed them as a writer.

    This can go even farther if you recieve a reply from the tweets you send. If and when you do recieve a reply they will probably be thankful for the promotion, the compliments and you obviously have things in common (related industries) so you can try having an informed conversation about it. You might get some of your content shared by the author in return for you sharing theirs, become business contacts, personal friends or never speak again – you just don’t know. You could also link to the original article you read in a future post of your own and then tell them about that too. The more you reach out to them the more they are likely to notice you.

    In conclussion

    Giving is the key to getting a good return on time invested. Give, give, give and then give some more and you will eventually get noticed if even just for the free stuff your giving away lol