The Best BootPress WordPress Theme

written by William Patton on September 28, 2013 in Theme Dev with 4 comments

For over 2 years now PattonWebz has been using a Bootstrap WordPress theme to help make it look awesome while I share my posts on it. The reason I wanted a Bootstrap theme was because it made being responsive easy but there were 2 other reasons why I wanted a responsive theme.

  1. Google said serve the same page to all users no matter their browser. It was common-place for sites to have a separate mobile version of their site. There’s a few reasons that is bad – from an SEO perspective right away alarm bells ring about duplicate content issues. For Google this makes additional complications trying to figure out which version is the best to rank in each situation and you should never make things more complicated for Google.
  2. I knew people were browsing through their phones more and more often. At the time tablets were also becoming more common-place and data charges were dropping. People started to use their phones in place of their PC or Laptop for browsing the web and a clear switch was beginning to happen with how mobile the web had to become.

I had no idea just how big the mobile browsing market would become but I’m exceptionally glad I took the time to learn about responsive webdesign and the mobile user experience. In my eyes responsive is a requirement.

The Best Theme

The theme I stuck with for the last 2 years was the ‘Best’ theme by Blogging Experiment. I loved it then and I still do now but it hasn’t been updated in a long time – and over the time I have used it I’ve made so many changes to the code that I’ve lost track of how many changes I’ve actually made.

I now feel I should update the site again to give it some new features and I still want to use Bootstrap, and I still love the Best theme. So I started to rebuild and compile the theme again and clean up all my code changes over the last few years while I added a few of the new features that I wanted.

Best BootPress Theme

Blogging Experiment directly changed the stylesheet from Bootstrap when they made the theme. That makes it very difficult for me to update the theme to the latest version of Bootstrap so in my version I have included them separately so that they can be updated easily in the future (but you should always combine and minify them in production environments – you can do that on-the-fly easily with plugins).

You can grab the current version from my private Git server here: Get it from my Private Git Server

UPDATE: The theme no longer exists at that location. You can contact me for early access if you want to try the awesome new theme or read about it on the new page.

I Want To Build This Theme For You

Being that this theme has been updated and had so much added that’s tailored specifically towards what I need I wanted to know what you guys need.

What features do you want in a Bootstrap theme?

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