Google Plus Author Verification For Single Author WordPress Sites

written by William Patton on August 23, 2012 in WordPress Plugins with 13 comments

NOTE: This method no longer provides the benefits it once used to. It has been a long time since Google’s experiment with showing author avatars by articles has ended. You can still add the tag however it’s usefulness is much smaller now than back in 2011/2012. This plugin is still available and works as well as it used to but as I said, it’s usefulness is limited.

I wanted a plugin that added the correct Google+ author mark-up to my websites so that I would appear next to the search listings in Google Search. I also wanted a way to for my clients to do the same on their sites after I delivered it to them. I added the ability to do so in my site functionality plugin template and made it as simple as possible to operate.

I use the plugin on all of my sites and I distribute it to all my clients but after being asked many times on how I done it myself and offered it as standard to my clients I decided to chop the code out of that plugin and make it it’s own plugin stored in the WordPress repo for anyone to use. There are other plugins out there that offer the same output but I developed this plugin to be as simple as possible – simple enough even my non-technical clients could work it correctly.

I made a plugin that offers a super easy install and setup for you to get your Google Plus profile picture next to your website in the Google Search listings by simply pasting your Google+ Profile URL

  • Simply upload the plugin
  • Enable the plugin
  • Paste your Google Plus profile URL into the box
  • Done!

[further opening=”Download: ” link=””]Google Plus Author Meta WordPress Plugin in the WordPress Repo[/further]